Hydrochloric Acid is one of our best-selling products with a wide customer base in the GCC. Our HCl offering undergoes different levels of testing before it reaches the market. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we make sure that our product meets the specific requirements of our customers in terms of its chemical composition, volume, quality, and delivery. With a state of the art plant in Doha, Qatar, and a wide distribution network, we can supply HCl, literally, anywhere in the Middle East. 

Uses of HCl

Hydrochloric Acid aka muriatic acid is the aqueous form of hydrogen chloride gas, used widely as a reagent for steel pickling, chemical manufacturing, and more. Here are the various applications of HCl: 

  • Activation of the petroleum process
  • Water treatment
  • Food processing
  • Manufacture of chlorine dioxide
  • Leather processing
  • Removal of heavy metals from carbon black and activated carbon
  • Leaching alumina from crystalline zeolites
  • Hydrolyzing agent
  • Pickling in metal industries

Product Specification

At Gulf Chlorine, we manufacture hydrochloric acid in the following specification:



Hydrochloric Acid


Free Chlorine

<2 PPM w/w


<10 PPM w/w


<1 PPM w/w

Carriage Specification:

At Gulf Chlorine, we supply HCl in 25/MT Road Tanker, IBC TOTE, 200 litre PVC drums. 

Why should you choose Gulf Chlorine for buying HCl in the Middle East?

  • Strategically located plant: Our manufacturing facility is strategically located in Doha, Qatar, which allows for quick and easy distribution throughout the Middle East.
  • Advanced HCl production facility: Equipped with the latest burners, we can assure HCl in its purest form.
  • Dedicated in-house transport system: With our dedicated fleet of tankers, we can assure safe and sound, timely supply of our products.
  • Legacy of happy customers: Choosing us for buying our HCl means you are going to join the league of many happy customers.
  • Efficient supply chain: Our thoughtfully integrated manufacturing units allow us to efficiently manage our supply chain for prompt delivery and safety.

Contact us for all your Hydrochloric Acid requirements all across GCC and Globe.