Gulf Chlorine is a leading Hydrochloric Acid Manufacturer in Middle East (HCL Manufacturer Qatar), that caters for the following industries and as per below specifications::

  • Activation of Petroleum process
  • Water Treatment
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacture of Chlorine Dioxide
  • Catalyst in Organic Process
  • Removal of heavy metals from Carbon Black and activated Carbon
  • Leaching Alumina from Crystalline Zeolites
  • Hydrolyzing Agent
  • Pickling in metal industries


Hydrochloric Acid 32%+/- 1%

Hydrochloric Acid: Min 31 %

Free Chlorine :< 2 PPM w/w

Sulphates: < 10 PPM w/w

Iron :< 1 PPM w/w


25MT/45 MT Road Tanker, IBC TOTE,200 liter pvc drums

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