At Gulf Chlorine, we manufacture and supply mercury-free Caustic Soda Lye for industries involved in papermaking, soap making, aluminium extraction, petroleum refining, and more. The lye or Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) produced at our plant in Doha, Qatar, using membrane-cell technology, is well-appreciated in the Middle East market for its longer shelf-life, chemical properties, and purity.

Applications of CSL

The various industrial purposes of NaOH include: 

  • Textiles production
  • Paper & pulp manufacturing 
  • Extracting aluminium metal
  • Manufacturing soaps, detergents & chemicals
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Bleach manufacturing
  • Water treatment

Product Specification

We manufacture caustic soda lye in the following specification:



Sodium Hydroxide

min.50% w/w

Sodium Chloride

<50 PPM w/w

Sodium Carbonate

<0.15% w/w

Sodium Chlorate

<18 PPM w/w

Sodium Sulphate

<30 PPM w/w


<5 PPM w/w 


<1 PPM w/w

Carriage Specification:

At Gulf Chlorine, we supply CSL in 25/MT Road Tanker, IBC TOTE, 200 litres PVC drums.

For product requirements and technical guidance contact us, our service is available all across the Middle East. 

Why should you choose Gulf Chlorine for buying CSL in the Middle East?

  • Strategically located plant: Our manufacturing facility is strategically located in Doha, Qatar, which makes distribution through the Middle East rather easy.
  • Dedicated in-house transport system: With our dedicated fleet of tankers, we can assure safe and sound, timely supply of our products.
  • Industry knowledge: We have been in the Caustic Soda Lye industry for more than 14 years and know the market well. This helps us offer you technical expertise and help whenever you need.
  • Legacy of happy customers: Choosing us for your Caustic Soda requirements, means you are going to join the league of many happy customers. 

Contact us for all your Caustic Soda Lye requirements all across GCC and Globe.